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Arvaloo simplifies your trade. For manufacturers and dealers, we guarantee simple and secure transactions throughout Europe. We accelerate and simplify your distribution in cooperation with high quality manufacturers and professional retailers.

Lukas Rauße | Florian Glaß
CEOs Arvaloo GmbH

We grow your


Hemp Business.


Arvaloo is the opportunity to connect your efforts of growing with new partners. We support you with the infrastructure to scale your business online and beyond borders.

Our Mission

Arvaloo embodies our vision of the future.

Spread hemp with its chances and opportunities

In hemp we see a solution for our modern environmental crisis. The plant has the ability to clean the soils and air, to serve as a natural healing plant, food for people & animals and to avoid devastating impacts of plastic in the future.

Make sustainable trading economically viable

We will open new perspectives of economy and we invite everyone to be a part of it.

Pave the way for a healthy future.

We will transform hemp into a serious tradegood, again! With the help of science and our transparent information politic we will disarm misinformation and give this ancient plant all needed attention.

Sowing the seed for Smart B2B Trade

We are pushing ahead with the digitalisation of trade traffic and create automatisation and optimisation with innovative processes. We stand for a sustainable infrastructure in combination of natural cycles and economic growth.

All in one place

Our Smart B2B Trade standard saves you time and paperwork with the help of digital automatization.

Validated sellers and buyers

Find trade proofed and reliable business partners for your successful future.

Simple and safe business

Increase your possibilities and build long term relationships.

User-friendly interface

Manage your operating acitivities with our central solution.

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