ARGE CANNA Certification

ARGE CANNA Certification

ARGE CANNA is a non-profit association representing the interests of those who benefit from cannabis as a medicine. It tests and certifies goods on the market according to a transparent procedure. This is intended to provide our members and all affected parties with the greatest possible quality assurance when purchasing their cannabis products.

You get

For manufacturers and suppliers ARGE CANNA offers laboratory quality testing and product certification.

Analysis of cannabinoid profile, terpenic profile, pesticides, heavy metals, microorganisms and PAC*

*polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons

Which products are eligible?

The products eligible for our certification are largely regional, biological full-spectrum natural extracts from cannabis. We primarily certify CBD oils, liquids, capsules and similar mixed products, flowers, pollinates and crystals.

If these have been enriched with CBD pure substances, the added CBD pure substance must also have been demonstrably isolated from regional EU organic hemp and, in addition, the CBD isolate must come from a fully certified organic plant or laboratory. Regional-seasonal-biological and full spectrum are basic conditions. The term “regional” also covers Austria’s EU neighbours. We also monitor any technical applications (heat, pressure, etc.) and disclose details.

How does it work?​

A small sample (50ml/50g) of the substance is determined in the laboratory for the presence of cannabinoids, terpenes, pesticides, heavy metals, micro-organisms and PAHs by a scientific method of analysis.

If your product meets our quality standards, you will receive the seal of approval; if the results do not meet the standards, you will be reimbursed part of the laboratory costs. Since (insert date) we (name company) offer the laboratory procedure to obtain the coveted ARGE CANNA seal of quality for our partners directly (on the website).

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